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"Raising the Bar: Voluntary Mediator Certification"
California, like every other state in the Union, has no statewide requirements for the practice of mediation. Whether this state of affairs is acceptable has long been a contentious topic within the ADR community. On the one hand, some see no compelling need for credentialing, as there has been no public outcry for it. On the other hand, many mediators are unhappy that persons with minimal or no training can hold themselves out as mediators and favor some sort of credentialing out of interest in promoting and supporting the highest standards for our field and, for some, out of fear that unless we mediators regulate or certify ourselves, someone else will do it for us. This session will look at the controversy around credentialing as well as ramifications of the different types of credentialing. It will then describe the program of voluntary certification being developed by the Mediation Certification Consortium of California. You will learn the details of his groundbreaking program which you will have the opportunity to participate in, hopefully as soon as next year.