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"Practical Skills for Dealing with High Conflict People"
This is an informative, interactive, skill building seminar which will help you identify and manage High Conflict People. High-conflict people (HCPs) have a pattern of high-conflict behaviours that increase conflict rather than reducing or resolving it.  The issue that seems in conflict at the time is not what is increasing the conflict.  The “issue” is not the issue.  With HCPs, the high-conflict pattern of behaviour is the issue, including: all-or-nothing thinking, unmanaged emotions, extreme behaviour, and blaming others.  However, judges, mediators, lawyers and other professionals can learn skills which help HCPs calm down, communicate respectfully, make proposals, respond to proposals, and make and accept their own agreements.  Working effectively with HCPs involves a paradigm shift: from professionals directing, evaluating and making decisions for high-conflict clients, to engaging these clients in helping themselves participate to their maximum potential in making decisions and implementing them. Although it is very challenging to work with HCPs, there are skills (often counterintuitive) which can be learned that help professionals both resolve conflict for their clients and protect themselves.  Learn the three most important skills for dealing with HCPs.  Understanding the personalities (part 1) helps us understand why the skills (part 2) are effective.