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"Courage, Communication, Cooperation and Consensus: How Mediation Can Bring Out One's Best"

This presentation discusses how the process of mediation brings out the best in the human soul.  In the typical world of negotiation, people take a position and the goal is to win.  As we know, in mediation, the goal is more holistic as we recognize how all parts of the system –(i.e.- husband, wife and children) need to prosper.  This talk discusses the 4 C’s and how they are all interrelated.  Attendees will see how developing our emotional muscle is the key to bring out our courage and overcome fear that keeps people self-absorbed and needy.  Attendees will learn a great metaphor and tool to help their clients develop good communication skills as they go through the mediation process.  Lastly, they will understand the need for evolving our emotional maturity that hopefully leads to cooperation and consensus, essential for not only interpersonal peace but inner peace for each person as well.  This will be an interactive program that encourages attendees to be aware of their own limits and to go beyond their fears as we ask of our clients.  Attendees will also participate in a model communication process.