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"Restoring Workplace Calm: Legal & Unbiased Approaches to Reduce Threat of Job Violence"

Current incidents of violence in the workplace and society at large makes understanding the likely causes, legal issues and action plans required study for neutrals, attorneys and employers. The program objective is to educate as well as review recommended preventive measures to restore calm and a sense of safety in the workplace. This program will cover the following informational items of interest: Types of violence in workplace & public places; Possible triggers: bullying, ethnicity, religious observance, domestic violence, mental health issues; Navigating the difference between informed assessment and illegal profiling; Recommended preventive measures available to employers & public place administrators: Legal remedies & value of early neutral intervention.

An interactive approach will put to immediate use the concepts presented. It is important to know that violence does not lend itself to a "One Size Fits All" solution. The emphasis will be on engaging in informed, practical solutions to achieve safety and diffuse potentially violent situations.

The presenter is experienced in investigation and resolution of issues of workplace violence. She has represented both employees and employers in such matters. She believes that positive steps can be taken to alieve fears and restore confidence in creating a safe work environment.