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 "Divorce Mediation Basics: The Ultimate Checklist"


 The Program is designed to be a step-by-step walk-through of the mediation process from inception to completion. Attendees will be given a thorough checklist for proper divorce mediation protocol, and will have hard copies of example letters distributed that are essential communications between the mediator and parties. While this program will describe a divorce process, the skills and tools can be applied across disciplines. 

With the courts continuing backlog, mediation is an efficient and cost effective means of settling disputes, whether it be in familiarl, contractual, or civil disputes. Mastering the art of becoming an effective mediator can help maintain client satisfaction while diversifying and growing any attorney's practice. This presentation will give litigation attorneys interested in finding a different means of resolving conflict the tools necessary to develop mediation skills. 

This will also allow burgeoning mediators better understand the tips and tricks necessary for their practice. They will come away with a concrete path to follow in each and every session while garnering new tools and tactics to ensure each session is a successful one.



Ronald M. Supancic, CFLS - Mr. Supancic is a Certified Family Law Specialist, practicing for over forty years. With national divorce rates reaching new heights, Mr. Supancic teaches Collaborative Divorce, a form of divorce practice which allows the parties to reach the most supportive solution without going through the court system. Collaborative Divorce utilizes a team of lawyers, CPA's, and mental health coaches to guide divorcing couples through supportive and cooperative resolution for a fraction of the cost of a litigated divorce. An author of three books on the subject of family law and divorce, Ron has taught advanced family law classes at four universities. Ron has been featured on CNN television, Larry King Live, CBS Sunday Edition, and many other nationally syndicated radio talk shows. He has served as a Judge Pro Tem in the Family Law Department of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, helping found the program over 20 years ago.