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"Recognizing the High Conflict Personality: Tips & Strategies for Attorneys and the ADR Divorce Professional"
The HIGH CONFLICT, EMOTIONALLY INTENSE Personality in Divorce…what to look for…what to do…how to do.  This program is designed for the ADR professional working with families in post-divorce crisis.  Learn to screen for high conflict, emotionally intense relationships using the TOP TEN Indicators Checklist.  Understand the key features associated with high conflict personalities.  Recognize when additional resources are needed to structure the high conflict couple and what tactics and strategies work best and why.  And, lastly, learn from the professionals on mistakes made, what they would do differently, and where they have found success.  Specific case examples will be presented to illustrate concepts presented, involving participant discussion and application of learning acquired.

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Debra Dupree founded Relationships That Matter, Inc. in 2005 as a resource for individuals, families, and businesses facing conflict in their relationships that matter.  She received her Master’s degree from the UC, Santa Barbara and licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist (#23250) since 1986.  She is an authorized Therapist / Mediator in the New Ways for Families (NWFF) Program, credentialed as a CINERGY Conflict Coach, and certified in the High Conflict Diversion Program (HCDP).  Debra is regularly appointed by the Superior Court Judiciary in San Diego and Imperial Counties as a resource for families facing chronic conflict and is a member of the San Diego Superior Court Mediation Panel.  Debra extends her skills and knowledge to the workplace as an ACR Advanced Practitioner in Workplace Mediation.Debra is the former Co-chair and Editor for the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) Workplace Section (2005-2011), and former President of ADR-San Diego (2008).  She also serves on the COPLEY YMCA Board of Directors.  She is an accomplished Therapist, Motivational Speaker, Mediator, Professional Coach and Trainer who regularly speaks at conferences throughout the country.  Debra not only practices her trade but teaches ADR at California Western School of Law.
Bryan Buljat is the owner/operator of Divorce Solutions.  He is a former Business Financial Consultant in the areas of corporate business development, finance and tax.  He received his education at the U.S. Naval Academy (B.S., E.E.) and MIT (MBA, Finance).  Prior to entering the private sector, Bryan served as both enlisted and officer positions in the U. S. Navy.  Bryan is currently a member of the Board of Directors, San Diego County YMCA Camps and Board of Governance. He is a former member of the Board of Directors, MIT Enterprise Forum and the Board of Directors, MIT Club of San Diego.Bryan chose to join the Divorce Solutions Team because he feels “our society views marriage as 'good' and divorce as 'bad', therefore we impose a cumbersome, expensive, inefficient and painful divorce process.  As part of the Fairway Divorce Solutions family, Divorce Solutions is working to change this perception throughout North America.  We empower individuals to retain financial and emotional control during the divorce process.  Therefore, they emerge from this difficult time with their dignity intact and are more capable individuals/co-parents.”